Forensics of an image


About the projectExhibition viewAbout the project „Forensics of an Image” is an ongoing project that focuses on the images produced around Aylan Kurdi ́s death on 2nd September, 2015. Kurdi was a Kurdish boy who, drowned on the coast of Bodrum, Turkey, while trying to flee to the Greek island of Kos with his family. [...]

The Carpark


The Carpark The Carpark (Dovilė Aleksaitė, Eleanor Aylett-Jones, Esteban Rivera, Tilmann Teske) installation analysed the premises of the former Hitler´s Bunker in Berlin-Mitte between Wilhelmstraße and Gertrud-Kolmar-Straße which nowadays is used as a parking lot. “The Carpark” befasst sich mit der Untersuchung zum öffentlichen Raum Berlins. “Die Geschichte ist Gegenstand einer Konstruktion, deren Ort nicht [...]



NecroRitmos (Necrorythms) is a data visualization system made in the Institute of Forensics in Bogota, Colombia (Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal) that visualizes clothes of diseased people in order to know what is the most common cloth color when the people dies in Bogota. It also vanishes and plays with the notion of statistics and […]